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XTRAPOWER Sarai – “Home Beyond Home” for the Truck Drivers

Indian Oil, the largest and most reliable fuel retailer in the country, has come up with a first of its kind lounge facility for truck drivers and customers who are enrolled in the loyalty program of the Corporation - XTRAPOWER Fleet Card. The facility aims to provide “Aaram”, “Suvidha” and “Suraksha” to our esteemed customers. The initiative has been termed as “XTRAPOWER Sarai” – “Home Beyond Home” for the truck drivers.

The Sarai has been conceptualized with an aim to address the major concerns of the truck drivers and the owners when their vehicle plies on highways.

The most striking and USP of the XTRAPOWER Sarai is the secured parking facility for the trucks and heavy vehicles with the parking area being secured by boom barrier and CCTV cameras. The entry and exit to the facility are controlled through XTRAPOWER POS terminal with tracking transaction and the vehicle owner is notified with SMS message on the mobile phone.

But this is not all; the XTRAPOWER Sarai also has a range of other facilitations on offer to provide an end to end solution and a sustainable eco-system for logistic companies. The facilities include:-

Hence, a one stop solution for all the needs of the drivers en-route to their destinations.

As on date we have 43 XTRAPOWER Sarai that are fully operational across major highways across the length and breadth of the country. Another 20 XTRAPOWER Sarai are planned to come up by the end of this Financial Year taking the tally to 60+ Sarais.