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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
XTRAPOWER is Smart Card-based Fleet Management Program for Logistics Service Providers, Commercial Vehicle Owners / Operators & Corporates. XTRAPOWER offers convenience of Cashless Transactions, Security, Credit, MIS and Rewards.
If you are a Fleet Owner / Operator, Corporate or any other business entity that owns or controls vehicles for commercial use, you can become a member of XTRAPOWER fleet card program.
Enrolment for XTRAPOWER is very easy. You can register online for enrolment or download application form from our website and apply or simply call our XTRAPOWER Service Centre or our Fleet Manager. Upon receiving your application with photocopies of RC Books of vehicles, Fleet Card shall be delivered to you within 21 working days.
There is no limit of no of vehicles for enrolment. If you have one vehicle also, you can apply for XTRAPOWER Fleet Card
You can also enroll attached vehicles also. However, such request must be accompanied by Proof of Control of such vehicles. Contact our Fleet Managers for any assistance in this regard
Enrolment fee is at present Rs. 100 per card for upto 5 cards. Enrolment fees can change from time to time. Please check with our Fleet Manager for fees at the time of enrolment.
Once enrolled, your membership is valid for 3 years from the date of issue of the card. You can renew the cards upon expiry, provided you still own / control the vehicles
Renewal of cards is easy. You can log in to our website with your User ID given to you and place request.
Renewal Fee is at present Rs. 100 per card upto 5 cards. Renewal fees can change from time to time. Please check with our Fleet Manager for fees at the time of renewal.
Yes. You can easily add new vehicles or remove enrolled vehicles through a simple online request. Cards of the vehicles that are removed shall be deactivated immediately based on your request
There are several benefits of becoming a XTRAPOWER member. XTRAPOWER offers you Convenience, Control, Cost- savings, Credit, Personal Accident Insurance, Reports, and Rewards. For knowing the full benefits of the program, please click here
You can call our Customer Service Toll Free Helpline which works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at 1800 200 1214 or 022 3936 6066. You can also write to us at:
Indian Oil XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Program
Gala#182/5 & 189/5, Indian Warehousing Corporation
Compound, Near Gajanan Petrol Pump, Dapode Village,
Mankoli Naka, Bhiwandi, Thane-421302, Maharashtra, INDIA.
Fax : 022 25376734
Email : custserv@iocxtrapower.com
Yes. You will get monthly statements in addition to online reports through our website.
XTRAPOWER is better placed than comparable programs in India due to Largest Retail Network, Higher value of Reward Points, Credit Facility through Credit Partners, Instant Fuel Redemption, Insurance benefits, Flexible cash loading options to list few benefits. For more details click on Fleet Card Advantages
XTRAPOWER fleet Card is a smart chip based card given to each vehicle for easy purchase of fuel and lubricants at IndianOil's retail outlets across the country.
You will be given one card per vehicle. For instance, if you enroll five vehicles under program, you will be entitled for five XTRAPOWER cards. Additionally you will also receive a fleet control number along with its control PIN, which can be used by the card member for CCMS (Central Cash Management System) Recharge and redemption of XTRA points.
For easy daily operation, IndianOilalso issuesGeneric Cards to large fleet companies where the fuelling location is fixed.Please contact our Fleet Manager, who will ascertain your needs and help you manage your fleets better through Generic Cards.
You will receive your XTRAPOWER cards within 21 working days of application.
No, a vehicle specific card can be used only for the specific vehicle it has been issued to. However, Generic and Corporate cards are not vehicle specific and thus can be used for the specific purpose for which they have been issued
PIN is a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) used for authentication of the card holder. The PIN is set to a default value of "0000", when it is sent to you. The default PIN has to be necessarily changed before a card can be used for any transaction
Just visit the nearest Designated Retail Outlet with your XTRAPOWER Fleet Card. Upon inserting the card for the first time, the machine will prompt you for changing the default password. Once new password is given, your card is ready for use. For security reasons, please keep your password confidential. Should you need any further assistance, our Retail Outlet and Fleet Team would be happy to assist you
To change the PIN of any card, the cardholder will have to visit a designated Retail Outlet of IndianOil and present his card for change of PIN.
In case the cardholder forgets the PIN or enters wrong PIN 3 times during any transaction, the PIN gets blocked and the card cannot be used.
The PIN can be unblocked by calling our 24 X 7 helpline. Once the card is unblocked by the Customer Helpline, the card has to be unblocked through the XTRAPOWER Terminal as well.
If a card is lost, you can immediately call the Customer Helpline and request for hotlisting the card. The card would be deactivated for any future transactions. The card will get deactivated within 48 hours of reporting the loss of card. However the card member must confirm the loss of card in writing to along with a copy of the police complaint. The written confirmation can be faxed to the Customer Service Helpline
A replacement card can be issued to the card member after due verification and payment of replacement card fee @Rs. 100 per card. The pre-paid amount balance on the lost card if any, shall be transferred to the customer CCMS account after due verification
There are different limits for each card, which can be set by card member himself. There are three types of limit on each card-
  1. Sale Transaction Limit - It is the maximum value of a single sale transaction on a prepaid card (default value Rs. 12000/-
  2. Daily cash Limit - It is the maximum value of sale transactions that can be undertaken on a prepaid card in a day (default value Rs.24000/-) and
  3. Daily credit limit-This is the only limit available on a credit card. It is the maximum value of sales transactions that can be undertaken on a card in a day. The limit is fixed by the credit partner.
  4. Monthly limit - It is the maximum value of sales transaction that can be undertaken on a prepaid card in a month (default value : Rs. 70,000/-)
    Card Purse Limit - It is the maximum value of cash that can be held in the e-purse of the prepaid card at any point of time (Max value Rs. 50,000/-)
    Specifying the card limits is mandatory and applications without these limits will be treated as incomplete. The limits on card can be changed subsequently by giving a written request to the Customer Helpline. For change in monthly limit the request has to be sent to Fleet Manager.
A hotlisted card can be reactivated on receipt of a written request from the card member. On acceptance of the request the hotlisted card can be reactivated subject to the card not having been permanently hotlisted. Only temporarily hotlisted cards can be reactivated. For such cases, reactivation would be done within 48 hours.
Loading your card with money value is the first transaction on your prepaid card. There are flexible options to load money on your card:
  1. You can do online recharge by logging into your XTRAPOWER account at www.iocxtrapower.com to transfer funds using any Credit or Debit Card, Internet Banking of major banks.
  2. Transfer Funds through RTGS / NEFT to your Card's Central Account
  3. Visit a HDFC Bank having CMS Facility for transferring funds by depositing local cheques. Click to download Special Deposit Slip for cheque deposit at HDFC CMS Branches. Click the link to know HDFC Branches offering CMS Facility
CCMS stands for Central Cash Management System. Every customer has a CCMS account linked virtually for easy funds transfer and allocation to cards
CCMS Recharge is an effective tool to utilize your funds immediately. CCMS Recharge is a mode of transferring funds to your CCMS account.
Yes. Balance Transfer facility from one card to another card is available. For doing this, first transfer the required amount from a card with sufficient balance to your CCMS account using a POS Machine and then using web interface reload the required amount on the desired card through CCMS Reload.
The minimum amount that you can load per card is Rs.500, and in the multiples of Rs.100 thereafter. The maximum amount that can be loaded on a card would be limited to the card's purse limit, which is Rs. 50,000 at present.
Once you have transferred money to your CCMS account, you can login to our website and can easily allot funds from your CCMS account to specific vehicles
Under XTRAPOWER program you have the option of applying for credit facility on card through multiple credit partners. (Currently, Sundaram Finance Ltd, American Express Bank, HDFC Bank). However, the discretion to approve or reject credit facility to an applicant solely rests with the credit partner.
Based on the overall credit limit approved by a credit partner to a card member, each of his card is given a daily limit on the card, which can be used for making purchases of fuel/lubes. The daily(credit) limit on the card is automatically gets reset at midnight (00:00 hrs.)
Yes, you can combine the two facilities in a single card. In fact having prepaid facility on card with credit facility, helps one enhance the limit to purchase auto fuel beyond daily limits prescribed for the credit option.
Yes, you can still apply for prepaid XTRAPOWER cards, if the credit partner rejects your application for credit facility.
The credit variant of the Card has two options: Interest bearing credit and Interest free credit.
In case of interest free credit no interest charges would be payable by the card member for credit utilization for a specific period. In case of interest bearing credit, finance charges (as decided by the credit partner) would be payable by the card member for the utilized credit.
Reward points would not be given on card usage under interest free credit option whereas rewards points would be offered under interest bearing credit option.
The credit partner shall periodically raise bills towards credit utilisation/ charges on the card members and card members shall directly settle all such payments with the credit partner.
You can apply for credit at any stage to any of the credit partners. However this would be treated as fresh enrolment. On approval of the credit facility by the credit partner, fresh card(s) would be issued on payment of enrolment fees
  • The sum assured under insurance coverage available for the card members is given below:
    • Card member: Rs.50000/- per active card, upto a maximum of Rs. 20 lacs
    • Designating a person for insurance benefits in case of partnership firms & companies is mandatory.
    • Driver: Rs.1,00,000/- per card
    • Helper: Rs.50,000/- per card
    • The insurance coverage would be available as per the prevailing IRDA guidelines during the relevant period
    • Only ACTIVE CARDS as on date of accident would be entitled for availing insurance benefits
    • Cards with sales transaction of at least Rs.10000/-in last 90 days (prior to the date of accident) would be treated as Active Card.
    • Name as on Card and the one as per RC book of the vehicle should be same for qualifying for Insurance benefits.
  • ** IndianOil may at any time (in it's sole discretion and without giving any notice thereof to the Card holder or assigning any reason thereof) alter, suspend, withdraw or cancel the benefit of such insurance covered, and there will be no binding obligation on IndianOil to continue this benefit.
No separate insurance policy is required. Your Fleet Control Card Number and fleet cards would be your reference for any insurance- related claims. For partnership firms & companies, the insurance cover will be available subject to unique and valid nomination during the filling up of application form
Death: 100 %; Permanent Total Disability: 100 %; Partial permanent disability arising out of the enrolled vehicle involved in a road accident for Drivers and helpers. For Fleet Owners, covered loss arising out of any vehicular road accident shall be applicable.
For Member, the insurance is Name Specific and for Truck Crew, it is name on card and RC Book should be the same.
Yes for injuries arising out of Vehicular road accidents, Medical Insurance for Drivers and Helpers is available upto a limit of Rs 10000/- per card for an year.
For lodging any claim the card member should obtain a claim from the website and submit his claim to the following address along with necessary documents:
The Oriental Insurance Company Limited
M.C.D.O. 16, Magnet House
4th Floor, N.M.Marg, Ballard Estate
Mumbai 400 001
Tel 022-2261-9241/5154
Fax 022-2261-9243
Email :111700@orientalinsurance.co.in
Click to download Claim Form
  • Personal Accident Insurance Claim:
    • Claim form duly signed by Fleet Owner.
    • Card number and copy of the card.
    • Certified copy of FIR obtained in the Printed format of the Police Station.
    • Hospital's certificate with details of injury, treatment, admission and discharge date.
    • Copy of Panchnama.
    • Post Mortem report (In case of any fatal accident)
    • X-Ray report and other reports if any.
    • Name of the Legal Heir in whose favor claim settlement is required
XTRA Points are reward points that a card member earns on his fleet card transactions.
Prepaid Card members and Credit Card members on Interest bearing Credit option start earning XTRA Points from the first sales transaction onwards on their cards
You can easily know your XTRA Points balance from POS Terminal at Retail Outlet or through Website or through Toll Free Helpline or through Monthly Statements
All XTRA Points earned by individual cards are aggregated at the Customer Account. These XTRA Points can only be redeemed by the card member himself and not by the individual card holders i.edrivers.
XTRA Points earned by a card Is valid for 5 financial years. All XTRA Points remaining unredeemed after such periods shall lapse
A card member can redeem XTRA Points after accumulation of a minimum of 80,000 points
Redemption is the easiest in XTRAPOWER program. You can instantly redeem for free fuel or lubricants at our designated retail outlets or redeem for free gifts by logging into your XTRAPOWER account through Website. You can also convert the value of your points into money and have it credited in your CCMS account.
The rewards other than fuel/lubes will be delivered to the correspondence address available as per our records.
No, only the card member can redeem XTRA Points
Yes, the card member can redeem XTRA Points for auto fuel and lubricants at any of the designated retail outlets. The redeemed product has to be collected instantly at the same retail outlet itself.

We have tried to foresee what questions may arise in your mind. If you are not able to find what you want, please mail us at custserv@iocxtrapower.com to resolve your queries. You can also contact our Fleet Manager directly to resolve your queries.