Choose the right gift, Gift a fuel card


Choosing the right gift is always an arduous task, especially within the defined budget. Your gift will be cherished and appreciated only if the receiver sees value in it.

Welcome to the world of XTRAPOWER EASY FUEL Card from IndianOil.

Indian Oil's XTRAPOWER EASY FUEL CARD is a smart gift idea for Corporates. XTRAPOWER EASY FUEL Card is a convenient, secure and a versatile gift option.

With XTRAPOWER EASY FUEL Card, you can gift free Petrol, Diesel or Lubricants from over 7000 Indian Oil petrol pumps across the country.

  • Smart Card based
    XTRAPOWER EASY FUEL Card is a smart chip based card, which effectively replaces paper vouchers. Every transaction through XTRAPOWER EASY FUEL Card is secured through a PIN thereby offering total security.
  • Versatile
    Unlike other gift cards, XTRAPOWER EASY FUEL Card is very versatile in its application.

    XTRAPOWER EASY FUEL Cards are chip based and offer more security than a normal magnetic stripe card. Moreover, XTRAPOWER EASY FUEL Card comes with single recharge or multiple recharge options, wherein repeated top ups are also possible unlike a bank gift card, which expires after the gift value is realized.

    Whatever be the occasion, whether you want to gift a fuel card to your customer or want to manage your fuel reimbursements of your employees, XTRAPOWER EASY FUEL CARD is the ideal choice for you.
  • Easy Management
    You can easily manage XTRAPOWER EASY FUEL Card. You can assign limits for a card, block a card or simply top up with further value depending on your requirement.
  • Web Enabled Program
    Unlike a normal gift card, XTRAPOWER EASY FUEL Program offers you dedicated web access for monitoring card usage, assigning limits or for taking any instant reports thereby giving you easy and efficient online management